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At the Law Offices of Christopher T. Campbell, our unwavering commitment and specialized experience in recovering unclaimed property and surplus funds makes us the easy choice to help you claim your money.

Surplus Funds

A large part of our practice is in recovering surplus funds on foreclosed properties. Many owners are surprised to learn that money left over after the sheriff’s sale of their home belongs to the homeowner. This can sometimes amount to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The biggest challenge is making the homeowner aware of the unclaimed money and then getting the money back from the State. There are strict rules that must be followed to convince the State that you are who you say you are, and that you are the one that owned the property. Time and again, we see the government denying applications filed by individuals doing it on their own or by attorneys who are not familiar with this type of application. The number of people who simply give up is heartbreaking; their money continues to sit in a bank collecting interest for the State.

When you choose to work with the Law Offices of Christopher T. Campbell, you can be assured you will receive guidance from a lawyer that specializes in recovering surplus funds from foreclosed properties. Chris knows the correct way to approach the State and how to navigate the complex application requirements. Plus, you will receive unparalleled support from our client-focused team throughout the entire process.

To discuss your foreclosed property situation with our team, contact our office by phone at 732-462-8700 or fill out our contact form.

Asset Recovery

Asset recovery is the process of reclaiming and recovering previously lost or abandoned property and  returning it to the rightful owner. These funds often remain in a state-run bank account until the proper amount of time passes; at this point, if the property has not been claimed it is then turned over to the State to wait for the rightful owner to claim it. 

Examples of recoverable assets include:

Dormant Savings

Checking Accounts

Certificates of Deposit

Safe Deposit Box Contents

Uncashed Money Orders

Cashiers and Traveler Checks

Uncashed Payroll Checks

Unused Gift Certificates

Oil and Gas Royalty Payments

Uncashed Stocks

Uncashed Mutual Fund Dividends

Stock Certificates

Mineral Royalty Payments

Unclaimed Security Deposits

Utility Deposit

Customer Deposits

Credit Balances

Refunds and Overpayments

Court Deposits

Insurance Payments

Probate Court Judgments

Property Overlooked in Estate Probate

Paid Up Life Insurance Policies

Uncashed Death Benefit Checks

Life Insurance Proceeds

Health and Accident Insurance Payments

HUD-FHA Refunds

There are many places where your assets could be parked waiting for you to claim them. The goal is to identify your asset and then convince your state government that:

  1. The unclaimed property belongs to you.
  2. That you are who you say you are.

The asset recovery process can be more difficult than you might think and often requires an attention to detail that many people do not have the desire or patience to endure. The government does not like parting with this money and in some cases, they are collecting interest on these funds.

At the Law Offices of Christopher T. Campbell, we aim to unite unclaimed property with the rightful owners. If you believe you may have assets to be claimed, give us a call. We would be happy to talk with you about the process and assist you in recovering these funds.

HELPFUL TOOLS: There are several databases that exist to identify owners of unclaimed property. Click here to see if you have unclaimed funds in New Jersey or here to see if you have unclaimed funds somewhere in the United States. Please note, this is not exhaustive; there may be unclaimed funds located areas not included in the previously mentioned links.

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