You Received a Letter From Our Firm

Did you receive a postcard or packet of information from our firm? If so, that means we identified that the State may be holding funds from your recent foreclosure that belong to you. As a firm focused on surplus funds recovery, we regularly audit public records pursuant to NJ Court Rule 1:38 and our review of your case indicates you may be owed a significant amount of money that was left over after your recent foreclosure. We believe this money belongs to you and we want to help you claim it.

At the Law Offices of Christopher T. Campbell, L.L.C., we will gather the necessary information, prepare and submit the required legal paperwork, and make court appearances on your behalf. And we would be happy to represent you on a contingency basis – meaning we would not get paid unless you get paid.

We realize this news may be surprising and you likely have many questions. We want to answer them. We encourage you to call our office or set up an appointment for a free consultation. Don’t let the State continue to earn interest on your hard-earned money. Contact us today!

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