The US Supreme Court has agreed to decide a case that may save homeowners millions of dollars.  The Court has agreed to hear the matter of Tyler v. Hennepin County.  In this case, Hennepin County, Minnesota, confiscated 93-year-old Geraldine Tyler’s former home as payment for approximately $15,000 in property taxes, penalties, interest, and costs. The County sold the home for $40,000, and kept all proceeds, including the $25,000 that exceeded Tyler’s debt as a windfall for the public.

In reviewing this case, the US Supreme Court will decide 1) whether taking and selling a home to satisfy a debt to the government, and keeping the surplus value as a windfall, violates the Takings Clause; and 2) whether the forfeiture of property worth far more than needed to satisfy a debt plus, interest, penalties, and costs, is a fine within the meaning of the Eighth Amendment.

Oral argument is schedule for April 26, 2023.  So you can expect that by July 2023, the Court will have a definitive answer as to whether the government can steal money left over after a tax foreclosure sale.  This has implications for property owners in at least a dozen states, including New Jersey and New York, where a person can lose their home and its value if they fail to pay a few hundred dollars in taxes or public utilities.


* This post is for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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